What is prohibited when renting on RVnGO?

            Prohibited Uses and Actions
            The following uses of the rented recreational vehicle are prohibited and you will be 100% responsible for any damages caused and/or prosecution and criminal sanction.
            • Travel outside of the United States or Canada,
            • Travel to Mexico,
            • Obtaining insurance from RVnGO through false pretenses, including without limit not answering honestly our driver qualification questions or using a false or altered drivers license,
            • Storm chasing or observing natural weather phenomena, or otherwise intentionally going into a dangerous area or natural disaster,
            • Used in a race or speed contest,
            • Used for livery purposes to carry passengers for consideration (for pay or hire),
            • Used for musical band touring,
            • Used in connection with any illicit trade or transportation,
            • Used for the transport of goods or cargo for consideration (for pay or hire),
            • Voluntarily parting with title or possession improperly, whether or not induced so to do by any fraudulent scheme, trick, device or false pretense, or
            • The wrongful conversion, embezzlement or secretion by an instrument, whether written or verbal.

            Updated: 28 Oct 2019 03:49 AM
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