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            RVnGO General EEA/CH Safe Harbor Notice

            Last Updated: August 17, 2018


            RVeloCITY, Inc., doing business as RVnGO (“we”) recognize(s) that the European Community has established a data protection regime pursuant to Directive 95/46/EC (the “Directive”). The Directive applies to the European Economic Area (“EEA”). Switzerland has also established a data protection regime pursuant to the Federal Act on Data Protection (“FADP”). These regimes restrict companies in the EEA and Switzerland (collectively, “EEA/CH”) from transferring personal data about individuals in the EEA/CH to the United States, unless there is “adequate protection” for such personal data when it is received in the United States.

            To create such “adequate protection” and allow its subsidiaries and business partners to overcome the restriction on international data transfers established by the Directive and the FADP, RVnGO, Inc. adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles published by US Department of Commerce (“Safe Harbor Principles”) with respect to personal data about individuals in the EEA/CH that subsidiaries, customers, and other business partners in the EEA/CH send to RVnGO, Inc. (“EEA/CH Data”). More information on the Safe Harbor Principles and RVnGO, Inc.’s scope of participation is available.


            This Notice applies to EEA/CH Data relating to data subjects residing in the EEA/CH (“EEA/CH Persons”) RVnGO, Inc. receives from affiliated and unaffiliated companies, customers (including guests and hosts) and business partners, via our European-facing websites. This Notice and our Safe Harbor registration does not apply to data received through RvnGO.com. This Notice does not apply to personal data that we receive in the context of employment with RVnGO or one of our subsidiaries; separate notices address such excepted situations. The English language version of this Notice constitutes the operative version of this Notice, and any translated versions are provided as a convenience.


            We receive certain information from users of our platform, including current and former hosts, guests, and members of the public who may search our platform, and from individual representatives of RVnGO’s corporate business partners, such as service providers, vendors, and suppliers. Such EEA/CH Data includes, without limitation, names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, internet addresses, and any other personal data that are affirmatively provided to RVnGO in order to provide the platform or manage our business relationships.


            We collect and use EEA Data for purposes of providing the platform to our users, transmitting marketing emails, performing other marketing activities, and conducting related tasks for legitimate business purposes.


            We share EEA/CH Data with our subsidiaries, affiliates, and contractors. We also share EEA/CH Data with other third parties as instructed by us, in order to comply with our binding contracts, and as required or permitted by law. With respect to marketing e-mails from RVnGO, EEA/CH Persons may opt-out by submitting an e-mail request with “Opt-Out” in the subject line, or by following opt-out instructions that are contained in each marketing email. EEA/CH Persons may also send an email to this address to ask to opt-out of disclosures to third parties, but such a limitation on data sharing may make it difficult or impossible for RVnGO to provide services. We may also disclose EEA/CH Data if legally required or permitted by law and we have a legitimate business interest in such disclosure.


            EEA/CH Persons whose EEA/CH Data RVnGO holds as a data controller may request access to, and the opportunity to update, correct, or delete some or all of the EEA/CH Data that RVnGO holds about them. To submit such requests or raise any other questions, please contact the RVnGO Safe Harbor Contact as described below. RVnGO reserves the right to take appropriate steps to authenticate an applicant’s identity, charge an adequate fee before providing access and deny requests, except as required by the Safe Harbor Principles.


            Please e-mail any comments or questions regarding our safe harbor compliance to Safe Harbor E-mail. If you have a comment or question that cannot be resolved with RVnGO directly, you may contact the competent local data protection authority in your EEA/CH Member State if it falls within the scope of this Notice. As stated above, the English language version of this Notice constitutes the operative version of this Notice, and any translated versions are provided as a convenience.

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            Updated: 17 Aug 2018 07:53 AM
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