When and how are payments processed?

            Payments will be processed and scheduled as follows:

            Transaction Timeline 

            Inquiry Sent 

            Guest can search and send an inquiry to a Host to book their RV 

            Host Confirmation 

            Host confirms the inquiry and sends to Guest for Payment 


            Guest pays Booking Deposit (or full amount if less than 7 days) 

            10 Days before Check-In 

            Guest is sent a reminder that balance of booking will be charged in 3 days 

            7 Days before Check-In 

            Guest is charged the balance of the booking and security deposit is authorized 

            3 Days before Check-In 

            Guest and Host are sent reminders of the upcoming reservation 

            Check In 

            Guest Checks in and Host runs through the Check-In process with Guest 

            Day After Check In 

            Guest is deemed to have accepted the reservation and the Host’s funds are released (100% of the basic rental rate plus any add-ons purchased by the Guest and any sales tax charged to Guest). Host is responsible to remit sales tax. 

            Check Out 

            Guest Checks out and Host Runs through Check Out process, notes any damages. Amount owed on Check-Out is charged against the reserved damage deposit. 

            Day After Check Out 

            Host and Guest are invited to review each other. 

            Two Days after Check Out 

            Guest is deemed to have accepted Check-Out Total and any additional charge is released to Host and balance is released to Guest. Deadline for making any insurance claims. 



            Updated: 06 May 2019 03:37 AM
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