How to Send Your Guest a Quote / How Host Initiated Transactions Work on RVnGO

            How to Send Your Guest a Quote / How Host Initiated Transactions Work on RVnGO

            Anytime a Guest is interested in renting your RV, you can simply send them a quote from RVnGO.

            Step 1 - Using the information you have for your upcoming rental, send your Guest a Quote:

            When you are logged into your RVnGO account, in the top bar hover over HOSTS to select FLEET. There, choose the RV your Guest is interested in renting.

            On the right side of the next page, you will see the fields to be entered to send a quote. You can send a quote for both the full price with nightly rates, or just the insurance only by clicking a button. Below is an example:

            Enter their first name, last name, email address, dates of their trip, number of passengers, apply any discounts necessary and uncheck the box if  they do not wish to purchase Roadside Assistance. Then, click "Confirm Reservation".

            Your Guest will instantly receive an email from RVnGO that includes the details of the reservation. They then have the option to REVIEW AND CONFIRM. 

            On your screen, you will see a prompt if your Guest needs to create an account with RVnGO. If they already have an account with RVnGO, they will immediately receive the email that includes the details of the reservations as shown below:

            When your Guest clicks REVIEW AND CONFIRM, the link will take them to the reservation at RVnGO.com. There, they will have the option to Pay Balance or Cancel Inquiry. Below is an example:

            When your Guest clicks Pay Balance, a screen will appear for them to enter their credit card information.

             Step 3 - Your Rental Reservation is Booked & Confirmed

            Once your Guest pays the booking deposit, you will receive an email notification. The status of your upcoming reservation will also be displayed in your DASHBOARD. Hover over HOSTS in the top bar and select DASHBOARD for a range of information you can review.

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