Why RVnGO?

Why RVnGO?

Why rent or list an RV through RVnGO?

We believe in making it fun and easy for people to share what they’re passionate about.
We believe in making it fun and easy for people to find what they’re looking for. 
We believe in bringing them together to feed their passions.

RV private owners and fleet owners who list their units on RVnGO earn 100% of the earnings and have zero taken out of their rates from RVnGO.
RV Guests who rent an RV through RVnGO can save up to 40% on the rental compared to other platforms. 

RVnGO is an employee owned company based in Arizona. Each employee holds equity in the company. When each employee is an owner, we see greater productivity, and a higher degree of personal ownership of their activities and interactions with customers. This raises the bar with personal accountability and drive to go the extra mile for each customer. 

This has also shown increased motivation and loyalty of  employees and a vibrant company culture based on consensus where everyone’s voice is heard.