Stationary Rentals Overview

Stationary Rentals

Stationary Rentals

RVnGO allows Hosts to rent out eligible Trailers, Fifth Wheels, and Toy Haulers (non-motorized) ("Trailers") to Guests who are staying at a fixed location like a campsite, lake lot, or worksite, among others. Additionally, there are many winter vacationers interested in longer-term Trailer rentals who travel south to escape the cold. This also includes Guests looking for temporary housing during situations like a home rebuild. Unlike ‘Full Rentals’ through our platform, Guests cannot move or tow the unit during a Stationary Rental – Hosts pick up and drop off the unit at the Guest's location and can take advantage of the longer-term nature of these Guests’ rental needs.

Stationary Rentals benefit Hosts in the following ways:

  1. they are typically longer-term rentals,
  2. there’s less wear and tear due to your unit not being moved by the Guest,
  3. there’s less hassle having to find and coordinate with numerous Guests due to the longer average duration of Stationary Rentals,
  4. they involve lower cleaning costs overall due to less frequent turnover in Guests, and
  5. they give you peace of mind your Trailer won’t be involved in an accident on the road as the Guest is unable to tow or move it.

Guests who rent a Host's unit for a stationary rental on RVnGO must still take out a Protection Plan. To make stationary rentals more affordable for Guests, RVnGO offers a Stationary Protection Plan designed to protect against exterior damage that may occur to the Trailer during the rental. Guests pay whatever your nightly rental rate is plus a nightly stationary protection plan fee of $15. Stationary protection plans offer up to $100,000 in reimbursement for exterior damage, subject to terms and exclusions.

All Stationary Protection Plans include physical damage contracts which provide up to $100,000 in protection against eligible exterior damage which may occur to the unit during the rental. This is not insurance but a direct contract and is thus subject to the terms and exclusions linked above. Unlike full rental Protection Plans, Stationary Protection Plans don't contain the standard auto liability insurance that we arrange to have provided to you by a third-party US-licensed insurer in full rental Protection Plans. While this allows us to offer Guests exterior damage protection at a lower nightly cost, it also means that Guests cannot, under any circumstances, move or tow the unit between check-in and check-out. Hosts must drop off the unit before check-in and pick it up at check-out and must have full and separate year-round insurance to cover periods when they are delivering and collecting the unit from the Guest's rental location.