If Hosts get 100 Percent of the bookings, how do you stay in business?

If Hosts get 100% of the bookings, how do you stay in business?

The business model our investors and founders believe in is to create value by removing barriers and frictions in a marketplace. We don't believe adding ourselves as another middleman creates value. Our business model isn't like other person-to-person or search platforms that want to insert themselves between the Guest and the Host to extract their cut of the deal. We believe that business model is old an doesn't create value. By improving the marketplace, we'll create volume efficiencies and profit opportunities by selling compelling value added services.

You've probably used Google today. How much did you pay? You probably didn't pay anything to use their services, but they still manage to be a valuable and profitable company. Our business philosophy is the same. RVnGO puts people directly in touch with what they are looking for and makes money from volume efficiencies and selling value added services, like insurance.