RVnGO has you covered with 24/7 Roadside Assistance for RV Rentals

24/7 Roadside & Technical Assistance Provided by Coach-Net

Our partnership with Coach-Net RV-Specialized Roadside Assistance serves you 24/7, 365 days a year, assuring safety and security for all family members by sending trusted roadside professionals to assist your customers when they need it most. Call Coach-Net first, prior to attempting to find assistance yourself. Their number is 1-888-890-1743

Why RVnGO highly recommends adding Roadside Assistance

Coach-Net's 24/7 service gives you trusted advisors to call at any time during your rental to receive assistance during breakdowns or help with operating issues. Coverage also includes assistance coming to the mechanically disabled RV to help with the problem, or includes a tow to an appropriate service center if it is needed. Towing a Class A RV can be expensive. Whether you need advice from an RV technician who can guide you through many common technical and operational issues or roadside and campsite assistance, their extensive provider network throughout the United States and Canada is available whenever and wherever you need it. 
So why take the risk?

Benefits of our Roadside Assistance Package include:

          - 24/7 RV Support for breakdowns, including over the phone troubleshooting and roadside or campsite service.
          - 24/7 Tech Support for operating issues and questions (support for a full range of questions, from how to turn on the microwave to how to operate your leveling system).
          - Direct campsite service.
          - Mobile mechanic
          - Battery Boost
          - Locksmith, delivery of locksmith services to your vehicle.
          - Winching/ Free a stuck vehicle
          - Tire delivery and assistance services.
          - Towing to the nearest qualified service facility.
             - No mileage or dollar amount limits – no out-of-pocket expense when towing your disabled vehicle to the nearest qualified repair facility.

How to Use This Benefit
In the event you are in need of roadside assistance, simply call us at 1-888-890-1743 and provide the customer service representative with the following information. 
• Your Name
• Your Member ID #
• Vehicle Information
• Current Location (including any mile marker, highway
number, city, street, nearest intersection or landmark)

**Please Call Coach-Net first, prior to attempting to find assistance yourself.  If you secure your own services outside of the Coach-Net services and then seek reimbursement, it will unfortunately be denied.

Upon verification of your membership, the customer service representative will dispatch services to accommodate your needs.

You also get RV Concierge Services!
RV Travelers can trust Coach-Net to find quality services you need, no matter where you are traveling throughout the US and Canada. 
Members can call 877-653-2514 to utilize this Concierge benefit - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

*All benefits provided are service benefits, not financial benefits, and are not part of a filed insurance policy. The benefit administrator will
help arrange services, but any costs associated with securing the benefits or services are at the member’s sole expense. (Example:
Ground Transportation; the benefit administrator will make reservations for the rental of a car, but the member is responsible for
the cost of renting the car.)

*The following items are not included as part of the emergency
roadside assistance benefit:
• The Emergency Roadside Assistance service is designed
to assist members whose vehicle becomes disabled as a
result of unavoidable circumstances, which are mechanical
in nature. Service is available for emergency assistance on
the roadside or in a campsite up to 100 feet off a maintained
road or in a commercial campground equipped for camping
vehicles only and does not include convenience or shuttle
tows, towing from a servicing dealership or other repair
facility. Only one service call per incident is covered,
unless the vehicle needs to be towed to a safe location as
determined by us. It does not cover recovery of a vehicle
subjected to a natural disaster, a vehicle submerged in
water, or a vehicle not on a maintained road. Coach-Net can
assume no liability for any damage to the member’s vehicle
(including personal items left in the vehicle) or property
resulting from the rendering of services. Any claims must
be filed against the independent service provider. Cost of
parts, replacement keys, fluids, lubricants or fuel, cost of
installation of products, materials and additional labor related
to towing.
• Non-emergency towing or other non-emergency service.
• Service on a vehicle that is not in a safe condition to be
• Towing or service on roads not regularly maintained, such
as sand beaches, open fields, forest and areas designed as
not passable due to construction, etc.
• Repeated service calls for a covered vehicle in need of
routine maintenance or repair.
• Requests for emergency roadside assistance must be
placed through the programs toll-free number to the
authorized dispatch center. Any emergency roadside
assistance retained directly by the vehicle member is not
reimbursable. No reimbursement payments will be made to
the vehicle member for direct expenses incurred.
• Someone must be with the vehicle at the time of service
unless doing so would put the safety of the individual at risk.